Soil – Mulch – Stone

Caan’s carries an extensive assortment of soils, soil amendments, mulches, and stone. It is available by the bag and some offerings are available by the truckload and we will deliver it right to your home, most often same day delivery is available.


We are proud to offer Black Gold soils and amendments, including potting mixes, organic potting mix, garden soil, peat moss, worm castings, and more. All Black Gold® products are professionally formulated to ensure gardening success, and many have been certified by the Mulch & Soil Council, which assures they are made from the highest quality ingredients. It also boasts a broad line of natural and organic gardening products that are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and approved for organic gardening. We feel strongly that these professional products are far superior to the leading national brand. After all, it’s what we use to grow all of our plants here at Caan’s.

Also available: Pulverized Top Soil by the cubic yard. Stop in or call for same day delivery. Delivery charges apply.


We all know there are many benefits of using mulch. It reduces evaporation, providing more moisture for your plants and therefore reducing watering. It also helps to control weeds, moderate soil temperatures, and finally – it puts a beautiful finished look in an array of colors to our landscape. At Caan’s you will find all of the popular mulches, which include:

Type                                             Availability

  • Hardwood                                     2 cubic foot bags and by the cubic yard
  • Cedar                                            2 cubic foot bags
  • Cypress                                        2 cubic foot bags
  • Pine Bark – Shredded                   2 cubic foot bags
  • Pine Bark – Nuggets                     2 cubic foot bags
  • Cocoa Bean                                 2 cubic foot bags
  • Red Dyed                                     2 cubic foot bags and by the cubic yard
  • Brown Dyed                                 2 cubic foot bags and by the cubic yard
  • Wood Chips                                 By the cubic yard

Stop in or call for same day delivery. Delivery charges apply.


Stone is popular in landscaping beds as it gives a high end look as it is available in many colors and styles. In addition, stone is very low maintenance and lasts for many years without fading or blowing away. Caan’s carries many colors and varieties of stone, which include:

Type                                                             Availability

  • Pea Gravel                                            50 lb bags and by the cubic yard
  • Pond Pebbles                                        50 lb bags and by the cubic yard
  • Limestone Paver Base                          50 lb bags and by the cubic yard
  • Tiffany Pink                                           50 lb bags
  • American Heritage                                50 lb bags
  • River Rock                                            50 lb bags
  • Western Red Sundown                         50 lb bags
  • Grey Slate                                            50 lb bags

Mulch or Stone?

Not sure whether to use mulch or stone? That is a good question! Here are some facts to consider for your situation.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 9.36.45 AM

Cubic Yard Calculator

Width (ft.)
Length (ft.)
Depth (in.)

Approx. cubic yards req’d: