Is that a weed or one of my perennials? Should I pull it or leave it? Who hasn’t asked that question? Do you need someone to help you identify some plants in your garden? Or how to prune, fertilize, or give plant recommendations for that shady area?  Maybe it’s time for a major project and need a comprehensive landscape plan?  We can do that to!

None of us are natural-born gardeners and like anything else, learning about your garden takes time. So what do you do if you want to start a garden or solve some of your garden challenges and you don’t know what to do?  Easy! You call local experts at Caan’s and schedule an on-site visit from one of our garden coaches or landscape designers. Our goal is simple – to help you be a more successful gardener.

You can learn:

– How to identify plants in your garden

– How to prune

– How and when to fertilize

– How to identify and treat garden insects

– How to identify and treat plant diseases

– Vegetable and herb gardening

– Plant placement and design concepts