Did you know that here at Caan’s we have two full-time professional custom container designers all year round? They are very creative and experienced with lots of plant knowledge, so no matter what season it is they are ready with fresh ideas for a seasonal design that will be sure to please.  They can plant in our containers or you are welcome to bring your own, and they will usually have them ready for you in just a day or two.

You can order custom planters in a number of ways.  For Spring planters we have many customers come in beginning in late February or early March and sit down for a free consultation with one of our designers. This is right when we are at the early stages of planting all of our flowers.  Once you decide on your planters, we grow them in our greenhouses and take expert care of them until they are picked up later in May – or we can deliver them if you prefer.  Other customers like to come into our greenhouses in April or May and be inspired by all of the colorful blooms throughout our greenhouse.  You can then meet with a designer and tell them exactly what you want.  In a day or two we will call and let you know when it is ready!  If you don’t live close or you are really pressed for time, feel free to call and speak to a designer and we can take your order right over the phone.

Planters for other seasons such as Fall and Winter work the same way.  You can place your order well in advance if you know what you want and give us the date you want it, or you can come in during the season and we will be happy to take your order on the spot.

We want to make it easy for you to get that one of a kind design that is uniquely yours!   We guarantee you will be excited with the way they turn your home into a beautiful sanctuary that you will be proud of and make your neighbors jealous!

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