One aspect of Weddings that I find is constantly being overlooked is Wedding Day Set-Up! For most weddings it definitely pays to hire a professional.

Not only does it take stress off of the Bride & Groom, but also the their friends and family who should be enjoying the wedding, and not working it. Time and time again I have seen Moms, Aunts or Sisters running around the morning of the wedding trying to get everything together. Instead of relaxing and celebrating with the Bride and Groom.

I’ve also seen friends or personal attendants doing all of the set-up and coordinating. While most people are completely capable of putting everything together and figuring everything out, the set up and coordinating can be very stressful and confusing if they are not properly informed of all the wedding details or have little to no experience.

With the rising cost of having a wedding, it’s easy to see why someone would want to forgo a professional coordinator. But in this case the convenience and reliability is definitely worth the cost. By having a coordinator it allows the Bride and Groom to relax. Wedding Coordinator’s also have all the fine little details already worked out, because they live and breathe weddings. And do these things on the daily basis. If last-minute snafu’s happen, having a coordinator allows you to be a gracious host, instead of being upset or frazzled.

What do Day-Of Coordinators do?

Not only do they ensure that all flowers and décor is set up in time for the wedding, but they can also. . .

  • Coordinate all activities including, assisting the bride & wedding party with dressing and photo schedules, check floor plans, lighting levels and cake placement, collect gifts and personal items, inventory and décor, guide family and party through the ceremony.
  • Formulate a Wedding-Day timeline and distribute to all vendors and Bridal party members

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