Potato Leafhopper and White Apple Leafhopper

I have been monitoring the plants around my yard and discovered a pest that I was not familiar with. It is a pest of apple leaves, in particular. Actually, it is two pests and both are leafhoppers.

The symptoms I was noticing were dark brown tips and edges of newer leaves at the top of the tree and those same leaves were curling under. I began to inspect the leaves closer and discovered the culprit! A tiny green insect that can fly and scury very quickly across the surface of the leaf, both sideways and up and down. It turns out to be the White apple leafhopper. However, there is also a Rose leafhopper that will attack fruit trees. In addition to apples, host plants can include cherry, plum, peach, hawthorn and many other garden favorites.
Control is best when leafhoppers are young. There are certain insecticides that leafhoppers have become immune to. I have included two links with additional information on leafhoppers and how to control them…at least, what chemicals are effective.

Leafhoppers on Apples

Leafhoppers in the Homegarden

Happy Gardening!