It was suggested that a blog series could be created from questions you bring in for us to answer. This will be the first of many short blogs that hopefully will inform you of various garden issues you may be facing.

Leaf Blister Mite
Today’s pest is a microscopic plant pest to pears and apples. It is called Leaf Blister Mite. What you might see on your plants are little tiny green blister like marks along the either side of the mid rib of the leaf. These bumps are caused by the mite feeding on the inside of the leaf. These tiny green bumps eventually turn a a rust color and eventually turn black. These tiny insect like creatures overwinter under the bud scales of the tree. I have included two very good links for you to learn more. One from Colorado State University and the second from University of California. One has excellent photos and the other has comprehensive chemical control information. Both have very good written descriptions of the pest.

Happy gardening!

Leaf%20Blister%20Mites.pdfLeaf Blister Mite

Pearleaf Blister Mite