For some of you it has been a couple months for others it has been a few hours since you have been in to visit us. Here is a little bit of what is new and coming soon here at Caan Floral that can help keep you in the loop.


With fall being the popular time to plant your bulbs for spring, we have what you need to get your garden ready for next year.

On September 18th as part of our Fall Open House, Jon Studer will be here, VP of Holland Beauty Bulb Company. Jon will be talking about the various types of bulbs we offer, how to properly plant your bulbs, as well as how to protect them from the elements and wild life. We hope you can join us!


We know that most people are still in denial that the summer is over, but we are already making a good jump start on getting our Wonderful World of Christmas set up. We look to make this year better and more successful than ever.


Along with Christmas comes poinsettias. If you have ever bought a poinsettia from us here at Caan Floral you would know what a quality poinsettia really is. That is what we strive for in our plantings is to provide you with the best quality plants and plant material we possibly can. Poinsettia planting started about a month and a half ago an in fact some are growing fairly fast.

Here is a video of how we plant our poinsettias:

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Fall Pansy’s

They should be ready in about a week or two if you are looking for a colorful way to get through the colder nights pansy’s are your golden ticket

Tree’s and Shrubs Sale

As we said before Fall is for planting and our Tree’s and Shrubs are now 20% – The lowest prices of the year!

Our Fall Open House

We hope you can join us September 17th and 18th You can find more details here