Wedding Flower Guide: Cost & Tips

It’s no secret that Weddings can be very expensive and budgeting them can be complicated. One aspect that I find Brides forget to budget or don’t know how to budget are Wedding Flowers. Sometimes the pricing can be quit a shock. If you’re wondering why flowers can sometimes have a heavy price tag, here is a little insight as to why Wedding Flowers cost so much.

1.) Preparation & Planning:

Planning out Wedding flowers and physically taking care of them, takes many long hours and lots of work. From working with Brides on their initial quote to every phone call and email up until the time of the wedding, we estimate that we spend a total of 20 – 40 hours of work on each Wedding. Our floral designers will spend many hours just listening to you, responding to your emails, texts and phone calls, taking in your ideas, doing research, synthesizing, and communicating back to you their understanding of everything you want. That’s even before the product sourcing, flower conditioning, designing, delivering and setting up, and in some cases, returning to break-down and pick up rental items. Times that by a hundred weddings a year and you can imagine all the time and effort put into these events.

Within the month of the Wedding, we are busy getting final counts in and fine-tuning all orders and recipes. We also do lots of research to make sure we are getting the perfect varieties and colors that will fit your vision. We also need to make sure we are ordering enough of each variety of flowers for every arrangement you order. Who thought being a florist would require so many math skills! Along with flowers, we order and count vases, ribbon, wristlets, liners for containers, and every little supply that we may need.

2.) Production & Processing

Most flowers depending on the season are going to be shipped in from outside of the USA. Most flowers are going to come from Holland and South America. So there is a lot of production before they even reach the U.S let alone our store. Once the flowers arrive, we make sure all buckets and rentals are properly cleaned and disinfected, and then filled with water and disinfected. Then every stem or bunch that arrives needs to be unpacked, chopped and watered. Depending on the types of blooms, some require refrigeration right away and others can wait a day or two before placing in coolers. Depending on the size of the wedding that came be up to 30, 15-25 lb. buckets that need to be moved and stored.

From there it is a team effort to make sure everything is created on time and in perfect form for the Wedding. With these large events it is often a team effort, rarely does one person do all the work by them selves. There is a lot of hard work and labor that goes into all of the production.

3.) Creativity & Expertise

When coming to Caan Floral or any professional florist, you’re getting a work of art. From had tied bouquets, boutonnieres to centerpieces you’re paying for a professional to design and create something truly spectacular for you. There is lots of care and precision that goes into every arrangement! Here at Caan’s we also specialize in Event design. We can help design and set up all aspects of décor. We use our experience and knowledge of industry trends to create a full package look!

4.)Transportation & Set-Up

Once everything is designed and created, a lot of time and labor goes into packaging and carefully delivering every arrangement. We arrange times with vendors and venues to make sure your products arrive that the right time and in the right place If choosing to have full set-up, we also make sure every piece is placed in the correct spots and is just as outlined in paperwork.

5.) Expecting the Best, But planning for the Worst

Unfortunately not everything always goes as planned. In fact it rarely does. We constantly are adjusting and changing plans, when different problems arrive. Whether it is bad product arriving, flower shortage, weather, delivery/time changes, we are always on our toes. Maybe the roses we ordered aren’t as big of heads as we’d like or a crop comes in a mess, we improvise and adjust almost every week due to the changing product we work with. Sometimes it means spending a little more than we budgeted on our end to ensure our product meets our high standards. We’ve learned to be flexible when something unplanned that comes up.

Budgeting 101:

Figuring out your wedding budget can be very stressful. You’ve dreamed of your perfect wedding your whole life and soon realize that some of those things come with a heavy price tag! And cutting costs is a difficult job for anyone. Trying to figure out what to cut and what to compromise on is no easy task.

Here are some times on how budget and plan out your Wedding flowers. . .

Don’t wait to start getting quotes on flowers.

  • Often times, Flowers are not considered in the Wedding budget, or they are not given a reasonable amount. If you start getting quotes early in your planning then you know how much to plan to spend. From their you can either cut things back or keep the flowers you love and plan on cutting back on something else.

Trust your florist, Let them help pick out flowers.

  • If the flowers you’ve been dreaming of are too expensive, ask for other more reasonable options.
  • Peonies during season can cost around $8 a stem (Cash & Carry, no designing), want them off season? You’d be looking upwards of $18 a stem. Want a little more reasonable option? Garden Roses may work. They are still on the more expensive side, but give you a similar look and are more readily available throughout the year.
  • Let us help you decide what flowers give you a similar look to the inspirational photos you’ve shown them and trust their style with your vision.

Go for a variety of centerpiece styles.

  • To help cut costs, instead of doing all 20 centerpieces large, tall and extravagant. Do some tall, some short, some candle pieces. Ask for suggestions to make different styles of unique arrangements. This way you still get the large gorgeous centerpieces, but you can cut your costs down.
    • For example . . .

20 Large Centerpieces at $150 each = $3,000


   10 Large Centerpieces at $150 each = $1,500

   10 Short Centerpieces at $50 each = $500.00

  • That’s already a savings of $1,000!! Want to cut even more to another smaller centerpiece and have three or four different styles!
  • Cut down the number tables. The smaller the guest list, the more money you have for décor and other more extravagant things.
  • Have a smaller Wedding Party! Having 10 Bridesmaid is great, but once you start ordering flowers you quickly realize how expensive their flowers can get. If you have 10 Bridesmaids with $50 bouquets – that’s $500 just for them.
  • Get flowers that are in season.E. Peonies/ Tulips/ Lilacs are good for April – Early June. Wild Flowers are good August threw October.

Flower Quote Example:

Here is a break down or average costs of Wedding Flowers. Depending on the season and the type of flowers you choose these prices can vary a lot. If you are looking for more exact quotes please set up a consultation with our Wedding Coordinator!

Bridal Party Flowers:

– Bridal party costs vary a lot depending on how much family you include in the wedding and how many bridesmaids you have. Typically the cost of the Bridesmaid bouquets is the largest expense for the Bridal party. Below is a breakdown of an average wedding with a larger family. It includes all parents and grandparents. Other people in included in this break down that sometimes have flowers are personal attendants, readers, greeters, musicians or any one else of importance involved in the ceremony. These flowers usually range between $600 – $1,200.

1 – Bridal Bouquet – $200

6 – Bridesmaid Bouquets – $75 ea = $450

1 – Toss Bouquet – $50

1 – Flower Girl Petals – $18

2 – Mothers Corsages – $20 ea = $40

4 – Grandmother Corsages $ 20 ea = $80

1 – Groom Boutonniere – $12

6 – Groomsmen Boutonnieres – $10 ea =$60

2 – Usher Boutonnieres – $10 ea = $20

2 – Father Boutonnieres – $10 ea = $20

4 – Grandfather Boutonnieres – $10 ea = $40

1 – Ring Bearer Boutonnieres – $8

1 – Officiant Boutonniere: – $10

Total: $1,008

Ceremony Flowers: Depending on the location, and indoor or outdoor ceremony, there are lots of different options for ceremony decorations. This example works really well for a simple church ceremony.

1 – Large Alter Arrangement: $100

10 – Aisle Ties (5 of each Side) – $20 ea = $200

Total: $300

Reception Flowers:

5 – Tall Large Centerpieces: $120ea = $600

5 – Medium Centerpieces: $60ea = $300

5 – Small Centerpieces: $35ea = $175

Total: $1,075

Total Wedding: $2,383 

We hope the above information helps in your wedding planning! Just remember, it’s only an example to use as a guide! We want every bride to have beautiful wedding flowers and be able to enjoy her wedding day and the time leading up to it. DIY is great for many things. We love DIY! But we don’t recommend brides trying to put together bouquets and boutonnieres before the wedding. It’s a lot of hard works, very time consuming and you’re working with temperature sensitive objects that DIE. That’s not the type of pressure brides or bridal parties should have to deal with a couple days before the wedding!

So remember to plan out your budgets now so you can save yourself the time, money and stress later!

If you have any more questions regarding Wedding Flowers please contact us at (920)452-4111 or email our Wedding Coordinator at!! Thanks!