If you are wondering why your shade Impatiens or double shade Impatiens  are not blooming profusely like they did in the greenhouse when you bought them —

Try not to fertilize them often. I like to fertilize annuals because the growing season is so short and I want to maximize the look of my annuals. My shade Impatiens had a lot of nice green foliage but lacked A LOT of blooms like I thought they should have. A co-worker who cares for them in their infancy until ready to sell, suggested to lighten up on fertilizing. I was doing too much of a good thing. Water when dry to the touch and fertilize a lot less.

So I did and watered like normal and …. lo and behold!  Much Better. Blooms!  So much for my theory that everything likes food…… some, not too much.

Until next week….. I’ll show you a planting of Cleome Senorita Rosalita. This one is a keeper for future plantings.

Your container planter guru.