I have been getting a lot of questions about whether it is ok to plant at this time of the year.   Yes!  As the weather gets cooler and the rain sets in, trees, shrubs and perennials prepare for winter dormancy by putting down plenty of roots.

Any of your established trees would benefit from a good deep watering starting at the end of July and continuing through the end of September.

Newly planted trees will benefit from the deep watering all the way through Halloween.   1 inch of water per week  is a bench mark.  If you are in sandy soil your plant will require more water.  At the end of the hose it is hard to know how much water your plant received.   Thus, leave the hose out, at half flow, 4 times per week  for about 30min each time.  This will allow the water to soak in deeply.

We don’t advise heavy fertilizing in the fall.  However, for a newly planted tree, it should be planted with slow release fertilizer and root stimulator.  Come spring you should rake granular fertilizer in 2-3″ deep.   Use a balanced tree and shrub granular fertilizer such as Tree Tone.

Remember shrubs and trees out of containers can be planted all the way up till the ground freezes.  However, the longer your new plant has to put down roots, the better it will do in spring 🙂