This is early June and the pansy’s and springeri are doing good. This gets morning sun and shaded for the afternoon.  Deadheading is done every day or every couple of days and fertilized with a dilluted mixture of an all purpose fertilizer. In years past, I’ve tried the “bloom booster”  fertilizer and found the results very blooming. A co-worker has told me it’s wonderful on geraniums also.

Here at Caan Floral and Greenhouse, I would like to start a conversation board of favorites.  If you have a ground or container planting that has done well for you and you would like to share it for others to see. Take a photo of it and bring it in to me. We will have a board at the Greenhouse to post the photos on for all to see.  Mark your envelope attention Judie at Caan Floral and next year I will be displaying everyones hard work and accomplishments!  ONLY AT CAAN FLORAL AND GREENHOUSE WILL YOU FIND ORIGINAL WORKS OF PLANT ART… AND CREATIVITY.

Don’t let the humid weather get you down – keep watering those creations!