I potted this prototype to showcase as a plan ‘o gram.  After 2 months, it is ready. I wanted the cannas to show color in curiosity of what the ‘Freckle Face variety looked like. Can you believe, this is one 5″ canna pot.

I used a 14″ pot.  Sun to Part Sun is good. The beauty of this container is the ‘Baby Tut Grass is planted in front of the canna. You can always turn the pot around and have the grass show to the back. As in the top photo.  My  plan ‘o gram follows:

  • 1 –  5″ caan pot  of ‘Freckle Face Canna       (A)
  • 1 –  5″ caan pot of ‘Baby Tut Cyperus Grass (B)
  • 2 – 4.5 pot of Blood Leaf Iresine ‘Purple Lady(C)
  • 2 – 4.5 pot of Lotus vine                                  (D)

From your container designer Guru.