Often in the flowershop we are asked the same question over and over-Which flower will last the longest?  Hands down, one of the most beautiful varieties, paired with a long vase life is the Alstroemeria.  Pronounced  all-stro-mer-ee-uh, also known as a Peruvian lily.  They are available in a rainbow of colors.  What makes this variety unique are the multiple blooms (typically 3-7 blooms per stem) and foliage located at the top of the stem.  It is not necessary to buy extra greenery to fill a vase-these are wonderful as a mono botanical arrangement, meaning “one flower type”.

Care and Handling: 

  • After choosing your selection of Alstroemeria, the lower stem foliage will need to be removed, only remove the foliage which will be submersed below water levels.
  • Fill a vase with water and add the fresh floral food packet.  The importance of the food packet is to balance the pH levels, fight bacteria, and also serve as a food source to keep your blooms alive longer.
  • Refresh the water every few days with a fresh cut to the stems, the blooms can last weeks!
  • Keep flowers away from any sources of ethylene, such as fruit.  Ethylene is often used to ripen certain fruits and decrease the lifespan of your blooms.

Skin Irritation:

  • Handling this flower can cause skin inflammation in some people
  • Wearing gloves is advised when working with this variety

Fun Facts:

  • Alstroemeria is a flower that has no fragrance
  • This flower is symbolic of wealth, prosperity, and fortune.  Also known as the friendship flower.

alstro blooms