Where did Spring go?

My window box is flourishing. It gets am sun. Can’t go wrong with Non Stop Begonias and  Springeri.   Deadheading Begonias is pretty easy. The big rose shape flowers seem to fall off by themselves. However, the smaller bloom (along with the fallen off larger bloom) stays on the stem. The begonia stem is soft, so pinching off the main stem where the two flowers (or one left) are attached is easy.

Awhile ago I talked about planting Non Stop Begonias.  As you can see in the photo, Begonia flowers bloom usually only on one side. The blooms get top heavy and drape to what I call the front side. So planting Non Stop Begonias should be done with the pointed leaf facing out toward the front of the container.

The other photo is my absolute favorite. Gryphon Begonia. Grown for the absolutely cool looking leaves.

Next week, I’ll photo some of the colorful summer planters I have going on.  Solid Coleus for the sun as well.

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