We recently designed for a wedding that had these super unique and beautiful alter wreaths! Instead of doing the traditional arch with flowers, they got married under a gorgeous tree and hung three different sized wreaths at varied heights from them. They were so fun and different, that I just had to share some other new and fun ideas!

  1. Hanging Wreaths.

These are my new favorite. They were so much fun to make!!! On the left is the picture the bride provided us with, to use as inspiration. On the right are the wreaths that we made in her colors and flower selections. I don’t have a picture of them hanging at their ceremony yet, but it will be coming soon!!!!

  1. Fireplaces & Table Alters.

Fireplaces are a great option for both indoor and outdoor weddings! You can completely customize them for any venue, time of year or theme!! I also love creating alters for more traditional or religious ceremonies. They work great if your not holding the ceremony in a church but still want it to have a more traditional look.

Left: greenweddingshoes.com, Acres of Hope Photography, Art With Nature Design     Right: Colin Cowie Weddings

  1. Floral or Succulents Wall

Another cool trend are Floral Walls!!! These are so unique and so beautiful! They can be done so many different ways! Whether you want a floor to ceiling wall or multiple walls at different sizes, you can really create what every you want.  They are also great to incorporate not only fresh cut flowers but different plants and succulents.

Photos: Green Wedding Shoes

  1. Pallet Stages.

This was a new ideas that I recently stumbled upon! I really like how you can raise you ceremony slightly for better visibility and it also creates a great statement for the wedding! And the scattered moss and flower arrangements really create a more elegant feel.


Photo by: EE Photography Via Green Wedding Shoes

  1. Wood Stumps.

These stackable wood stumps are amazing! Whether your having an indoor ceremony like the photo on the left or a woodsy outdoor one like on the right. You can create something really elegant or something really rustic.