Baby-Birds-Dinner-Time-7I have been an avid wildlife watcher for years. I have participated in bird counts, frog counts, and butterfly watching. Anything related to observing nature and the natural world around me, I’m all in!
I have taken this passion one step further and created a wildlife habitat in my yard.
Lately, I am seeing baby birds with their parents in my yard. These young ones are busy learning what to eat, how to find food and how to fly. They follow their parents around begging to be fed, with wings fluttering and persistent voices chattering. These young ones have not quite yet mastered the skills of their parents and are ever practicing.
We are always well-intentioned when we find young birds. The most common falsehood I hear is that once a baby is touched, the parents abandon their offspring. This is so far from the truth! Parents invest so much time and energy into raising their babies, they would never intentionally abandon them.
I found this article from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It offers wonderful insight on what we can do if we find a baby bird. I hope you find the information helpful!
I found a baby bird. What do I do?

Happy Gardening!