After much interest with our introductory year of Plan ‘O Grams, we are starting another season. A new Plan ‘O Gram will be weekly through the end of May.  All the current season recipes as the weeks go forward will be at the Container Design  potting bench in the greenhouse.

This window box planter inspired me to do my own this year with cyclamen. Cyclamen (this pink flowering plant) would like a cooler area and not hot sun. More shaded and cool is wonderful. Keep the soil on the dry side. Cyclamen will tell you if you neglect too much. Their leaves will be soft and wilty but bounce back with a good drink. The vine or SPILLER, is a philodendron plant and the springeri or FILLER is in the background. Deadheading the Cyclamen  is easy. A simple tug on the stem of the faded or fallen off flower will pull the stem out of the base of the plant. That’s it. 

Cyclamen can also be enjoyed indoors as a blooming plant that likes a cooler area. Philodendron can be grown as a house plant. I chose to bring the indoors outside.

Enjoy — From your Container Designer Guru!