Jewels of Opar ‘Limon’

Wirery branches emerge from the glossy green leaves that love this incredible weather we are having!  Very small pink blossoms will show and then turn to again very small rust color seed balls. Let soil surface dry, then water good. There are 3 – 4.5″ pots planted in this 10″ square container.

I called these type of plantings, Branded Pots (all one type of flower variety). Pots like this make a huge statement just like mass plantings in the ground. They can be used alone or group a number of pots together ( each pot planted with a different flower variety but similar light needs) for a focal area.

Vinca trailing

This beaute is one of our summer hanging baskets. Prolific in blooms and loves the weather  this time of year. I used two of them for an altar arrangement at church. I cut off the wire hanger and set atop a gold vase so the trails of blooms could hang. —- Sweet—-