As Fall comes so do the fall colors. This week I have been greatly enjoying the colors coming on around Caan Floral. Two plants glowing right now are the Kousa Dogwood and the Katsura tree. The Kousa Dogwood clumps are brilliant red right now and have been  for 2 weeks.

Kousa Dogwood clumps

The Japanese Katsura tree is a wonderful and unique tree for our zone. Growing 40-60 ft, it is a non-messy and easy to care for tree. The most interesting thing about this tree, besides the glowing pink and red fall color, it that, as you rake them, the drying leaves smell like cotton candy.  You can thank the tree when you feel the urge to run inside for a sweet snack.

Japanese Katsura Tree

Please get out for a walk this week, the colors are enough to warm the soul.   Thank a city forester if you have as wonderful a variety of city trees as we have in Sheboygan.