We are hearing lot of questions this month about evergreens.  Right now the needled evergreens are shedding for fall.  That is right, evergreens lose ‘leaves’ in the fall just like our beautiful hardwoods.  This shedding occurs inside the plant.  What you see looks like a yellow or orange glow inside the plant.  This is entirely normal.  You will see this on Arbs and Pine most heavily.  If you don’t like the look of this shedding it can be shaken out of the tree.  By spring the wind will shake it out and new growth will bring your plant back to beautiful health.

Shedding Arborvitae

The most important thing this this time of year is to keep your evergreen watered.  A slow even watering is the best way to prepare your evergreen for winter.  This can be accomplished with a hose at 1/2 flow placed next to each evergreen for 20-30 minutes.  Do this 2 times per week until Halloween.  For established plants, this extra water is not necessary unless the fall has been very dry.

Flowering evergreens like Rhododendron have already set the flower buds for next spring.  Thus it is important NOT to cut them. (This applies to Azalea also.)  If you live in a very windy area you should consider putting a wind screen around the Northwest, or windiest, side of the evergreen.

Other flowering plants that you should NOT be cut in the fall are:   Korean Spice Viburnum and Lilacs.

Time to put the kids, oops I mean plants, to Bed.  Have a wonderful Fall.