I have decided to take a bit of a writing detour. I said I would spend the next few weeks writing about plants that are attractive to wildlife. Instead, I am going to focus on a plant that is a showstopper. It is a newer shrub that I think is worth taking this brief pause. It is Corylus avellana ‘Red Majestic’; the common name is Red Majestic Contorted Filbert.

This amazing introduction by a German plant producer, Rolf de Vries, was brought to the United States in 2005. Red Majestic is a four season showstopper! In spring, the red catkin flowers hang like long ruby charms. Summer brings beautiful burgundy-red foliage. As the foliage matures, it slowly turns green, creating a wonderful backdrop for the new burgundy-red growth. This gives the plant great depth with rich color variation. The leaves take on an outstanding red color in the fall. Finally, winter offers the unique, twisted branching typical of contorted filbert.

Red Majestic Contorted Filbert is a great focal plant for a small space in your garden. It grows to a maximum size of 7′ x 7′ and tolerates the full sun to half shade. Red Majestic is a zone 4 plant and is very hardy for our climate.

Visit our video of Red Majestic Contorted Hazelnut:


Happy Gardening!