So this is blogging!

Not being born with a chip in my head pertaining to computers, I am a beginner to this, but not to designing container gardens or sensing what looks good together.

Now that we have most of our floral gardens set for the season, don’t forget to be faithful to deadhead and water/fertilize on a regular basis.

I too – need a sticky note when I come home from work  to check plants for water. It may at first seem like a chore, but once you get out there, the adrenaline of seeing your creations alive and growing is fascinating…………and calming.

The greenhouse still has choices and through the summer, a new crop of growing plants will become available.

As I take a breath from the intensity, I keep an eye out for inspiration through out the summer. In my travels, I look at other creations and choices — keeping thoughts in the back of my  head for that right situation I can use an idea.

I will try to blog weekly,

Until then.. this is your container planter Guru.