This is a keeper for future plantings.

I have this Cleome in a field stone planter in a flower bed. PM Sun and watering every other day or daily if need be.

It’s mid July and it is staying nice and rounded. Height – 24″ ish so far. I planted 4 –  4″ pots into this planter.

Another hint if you do planters like this for annuals – line the inside with something that will let the water through minimally. I used coco fiber material and filled in the cracks where I saw alot of water leakage after I had the soil in. If I do this again, I would line the inside of the rocks with a solid piece of coco fiber material before I add the soil.

Tricks you learn as you Garden!   Don’t forget to save you favorite photos of your Caan Creations and drop them off at the Greenhouse for Judie. A conversation board is in progress for 2013…

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