Cilento Photography

A BIG thank you to Crystal Libby from Cilento Photography!  She had some gorgeous pictures from two of the weddings Caan’s did last year. She popped them on a disk and wrapped them up in some super cute packaging as well! I normally don’t get to see the wedding flowers after I drop them off, so it’s amazing to see them on the wedding day and the whole theme/ look put together.

Check out more of her work on their website:

C0016_Sternard-Klante_Wedding_101C0016_Sternard-Klante_Wedding_102 C0016_Sternard-Klante_Wedding_100C0016_Sarver-Kichura_Wedding_105C0016_Sarver-Kichura_Wedding_110 C0016_Sarver-Kichura_Wedding_104

-Colleen Niemuth

Event Consultant/ Designer