Fall is here!
Now it has come we are picking the last fruits from the vine and turning the harvest into our favorite recipes. Whether it be salsa, pickles, or just freezing and canning to save our labors for winter dishes.
Then there lies the empty garden awaiting spring. But alas, there is something yet that can be planted. Garlic being one of them! Many of us don’t think of it until spring. Now is the best time to plant garlic to achieve the best size out come next summer. At Caans we have garlic for planting now. It’s easy and you will be rewarded.

We also have a new stock of cool weather crop seeds that you may still have time to plant if you act fast and provide a floating row cover to extend the season.
Spinach, kale, and lettuce love the cool weather. Seed them directly, or sow them inside in soil. Water the soil in pot, plant the seeds, cover with a plastic bag and place on the refrigerator. Check daily for germination.
The heat from the refrigerator aid in the speed of germination. After they are sprouted take care of them outside until they have a couple sets of leaves and plant them in the garden. Herb seeds as well can be started the same way in pots, but kept inside for winter enjoyment.

Another, addition to our seed rack are winter cover crop seeds. One package covers 125 square feet. Left to grow and tilled under in the spring adds nutritional green manure and will lesson the weeds in your garden next year. For more information go to Botanical Interest .com to learn more about the seeds we carry.

So there you have it, your garden doesn’t have to stay empty just yet. Get those hands dirty! [did I mention fall blooming bulbs… o.k. I’ll stop there]

Blooming Barb